was created by Anthony (Tony) Alexander, Jr to simplify understanding the various aspects of solar energy.


Tony worked for half a decade for PECO Energy in Philadelphia in various positions. He’s been on the street as a meter reader and in the office helping customers through electrical emergencies. He also lived through the deregulation of the electric industry in Pennsylvania giving him a good understanding of deregulation from the inside.


After receiving 20 years of outrageous electric bills as a homeowner, Tony began investigating solar as an option. Coupled with his insight into the electric industry, he embarked on a quest to help others understand how solar can ease the burden of homeownership.


At SimpleSolar, we look at how you as a homeowner can benefit from solar energy. We also look at solar laws and show how they apply to you. We’ll also follow solar energy news. But unlike other sites, we won’t just rehash the same news. We’ll dive deeper and look at the impact the news has on the industry and the individual homeowner.