Over at’s Facebook page, one viewer commented that a solar panel on a house is high maintenance. But is that true? What is required to maintain solar panels?

One thing to keep in mind is that there are no moving parts on solar panels installed on roofs. That means there is very little that can go wrong. That does not mean that components don’t need to be check. To the contrary, according to in a post entitled Installing and Maintaining a Home Electric System, they say, “You may be able to carry out many routine inspections and maintenance tasks yourself.”

There is a word of caution: there are two types of glass your solar panels can be made of: tempered plate and flat plate. Tempered plate glass is more durable. And since you’ll have your solar panels for a long time, you’ll want to make sure they last.

The second kind is flat plate. It’s cheaper and thinner than tempered plate glass. For a more detailed explanation of the differences, read this post by Energy Matters.  

Cleaning solar panels aren’t too much of an issue either. Rain will probably do the trick. If that’s not enough, a garden hose will probably do the trick. Check with your solar panel installer on their recommendations for how to maintain your solar panels.


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