Here at we strive to educate our readers on what’s going on in the solar/renewable energy space. We focus on laws and regulations that affect you as a homeowner. We do not, however, get involved in politics. We don’t push for changes in regulations or encourage contacting your Senator. That is a personal decision we leave to your discretion.

Nonetheless, when political matters affect your access to solar energy products or have some other direct correlation to the industry, we feel compelled to inform you. MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow ran a story on January 25, 2017, about the current state of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and it’s new head, Scott Pruitt. She discusses what he did in Oklahoma and the actions he’s taken since being appointed head of the EPA. It sheds light on what we might anticipate down the road for clean energy as a whole and solar energy in particular.

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We encourage you to watch the following YouTube video of the MSNBC broadcast. It’s a little lengthy but worth the view. We will also keep a careful eye on developments and bring them to you as they affect your access to solar energy.

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